Important Booking Information – Please Read Before Booking

On this page you will find our booking system. Our beds are all double beds, please select the amount of beds you want not the amount of people whom will be attending. Secondly select your preferred bed type from the drop-down menu the dates that we have availability for this bed type and quantity will be highlighted for selection in the calendar. If the bed type of your choice is not highlighted on the day you wish to attend, then you can either select a different bed type or a different date.

Once you have gone past the first screen you will see the only time available is 11am. This is our opening time, once booked the beds are yours all day. We do ask that our reservations arrive before 1pm or advise us in advance if you will arrive later.

On the third page of the reservation system you will be presented with various options of payment. Please select the correct payment for your bed choice. The prices are as follows.

  • VIP beds 100€ per bed
  • Regular Beds 50€ per bed
  • VIP cabin 300€ per cabin
  • VIP cabin with 2 regular beds 400€
  • VIP cabin with 2 VIP beds 500€
  • VIP area with Jacuzzi 600€ (200€ non-refundable deposit 400€ minimum spend)

All bed types other than the VIP area as stated will get the money spent on the reservation redeemed in food and drink on the day.

Wednesday – Sunday every week we have parties these parties include a 20€ entrance per person. This applies from April to September (Summer season)

The entry can be bought in advance via the following link or can be paid for on the door.

Please note if you select one bed type and then pay for a different option you will be allocated a bed that the management considers appropriate for the booking. For example if select regular bed in the first page and then pay for a VIP bed you will not be given a VIP bed upon arrival you will be given a regular bed but you will have the full amount to consume in food and drink on the day. However if you select a VIP bed on the first page and then pay for a regular bed you will be asked to pay the difference or moved to a regular bed.

Thank You